Wednesday, May 17, 2006

HP in a Nutshell

HP expectations have been high and the company delivered. Lots of comments around today, but what it comes down to is this, at least as fa as revenues and unit growth:

Printing and Imaging-HP outperforms Lexmark (LXK)- HP revs down 1% YOY on 3% unit growth 10% growth in supplies. Compare to LXK revs down 6% with negative 18% in units and 3% growth in supplies.

PCs-HP outperforms industry -HP revs +10% on 16% unit growth. Dell has preannounced first quarter with effects of price cutting. Overall PC market revs +3% on 13% unit growth. HP notebooks +27% on 48% unit growth versus industry notebooks revs +10% on 31% unit growth.

Servers-HP underperforms SUNW- Revs +2% versus SUNW's revs +4%.

Services-HP essentially in line with IBM-HP revs decline 2% versus IBM's decline 1%.

Disclaimer: I and my family do not have a position in HPQ, DELL, LXK, SUNW, or IBM. Certain clients do own a current position in HPQ and LXK.


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