Monday, June 19, 2006

Blog Aggregators

A brief note to highlight a bit of reorganization of the links. I have separated out the investment blog aggregators which are sites that feature the many investment blogs that you may wish to access.

Market blogs is a community of about 75 active members that includes all sorts of blogs, both investment and trading oriented. This is the first aggregator that accepted Value Discipline as a participant back in December of last year. The host has provided many new bloggers the opportunity to present their ideas. Market blogs has many participants that you would recognize as well as many fresh new blogs. It has almost grown over 50% since December.

Phat Investor is another large community with about 50 very active bloggers ( I count myself amongst this group) and another 150 blogs that may be in some state of repose or dormancy. But don't get me wrong, the first two pages of this aggregator will provide you insight into some of the best blogs around, both fundamental and technical.

StockBlogs claims to be the largest stock market blog directory. Certainly, one of the best organized. Dividing the world into General Market, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Options, Contrarian Investing, Commodities and Miscellaneous, this directory highlights a blog of the week. Again, I am beholden to this directory as one of the very early adopters of Value Discipline.

24/7 Wall Street incorporates content from a wide variety of blogs dealing with economic, general market, and fundamental views and opinions. This is a fairly new directory authored by Douglas McIntyre and Jon Ogg. Doug is the former Editor-in-Chief of Financial World Magazine and has been on the boards of and Edgar Online.  Financial World was a wonderful business magazine of the 80's and early 90's that was truly stock investing oriented. Ditto for this blog directory.

The Money Blogs is a beta site associated with I have recently been asked to allow Value Discipline content to appear in this directory.  Though heavily trading oriented content seems to prevail as opposed to my staid value oriented banterings, there is some fundamental content that ranges from academe to accounting, from personal financial planning to cocoa and commodities. Very new and growing rapidly.

The Market describes itself as part magazine, part newspaper. It is an easy on the eyes, catalog of today's blog thinking...very readable and highly informative. Rather than scrambling through numerous templates and formats, blogs are presented in a much more presentable format. Value Discipline is a recent participant in this terrific new blog aggregator.

Last , and certainly not least is Seeking Alpha, another easy to read aggregator of today's blog thinking. David Jackson, a former Wall Street analyst and his team have put together a very useful compendium of numerous blogs plus have married that to an ability to create transcripts of various recent conference calls. One of the most professional efforts around in my view. I am proud to be a contributor and have been for some time.

I hope that you will find these blogs helpful in your search for investment thinking. As Buffett said, "There are many ways to get to heaven." Many approaches, many opinions, many stocks...ultimately, depend on your own sense of risk and reward to judge what is appropriate for your circumstances. But do the amount of money is so inconsequential to you to warrant being careless or to merely gamble it. Know yourself first...understand your relationship to money... then know what you're buying. Tips, whether transmitted by a buddy at the bar or legitimized through a blog can never be the basis for your decision-making. Investigate first, then invest.


At 1:17 PM, Blogger Stephen Berer said...

Hi Rick.
Thanks for this overview of blogs.
I also look forward to reading about your thoughts on factors that measure value, especially as they may be applied to market indexes (as opposed to individual stocks).
All the best,

At 1:19 PM, Blogger Stephen Berer said...

Hi Rick.
Thanks for this great overview.
I look forward to reading your comments on what factors measure value. My interest is in applying those ideas to market indexes.

All the best


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