Friday, September 08, 2006

Festival of Stocks

One of the most innovative bloggers around is George over at Fat Pitch Financials. Not only does he have one of the most comprehensive sites around, with tons of information, he also has run some very unique portfolios which have taken advantage of takeover arbitrage for odd-lot holdings of some stocks.George has developed Fat Pitch News which provides a voting mechanism to highlight what his audience believes are relevant and noteworthy posts of various bloggers. A number of Value Architects posts have been fortunate enough to have been considered worthy by George’s readers.
George has a new brainchild that he will be beginning on Monday. This is called Festival of Stocks.
As he himself describes it, “The Festival of Stocks will be a blog carnival dedicated to highlighting bloggers best recent posts on stock market related topics. This will include research and commentary on specific stocks, industry analysis, ETFs, REITs, stock derivatives, and other related topics.”
I will be pleased to host the Festival from time to time and look forward to participating on a weekly basis with a submission of a post from the prior week.There is some real high powered help that is going to lead the charge with George, Geoff and Bill as well as some others. I have some serious writing to do!
I invite all of you to look this up and to participate.


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