Friday, October 13, 2006

Value Investing News

George at Fat Pitch Financials has a new innovation to bring to the blogosphere called Value Investing News. It is a fabulous repository of information drawn from your submissions of blog postings and is ranked according to your voting.

The ability to vote down a ranking exists as well as the much more common practice of voting up. Imagine an election where your vote could withdraw votes from the candidate that you least wanted to see in office! What a concept!

Value investing rarely infers newsmaking stories nor does it connote excitement for many people. After all, the predictable, franchise-like qualities of many of our favorite companies remain somewhat immutable over a long period of competitive advantage. No news tends to be good news. Bad news for value investors tends to be better news, especially if decent businesses are being battered by short term events. A good example of this was Sherwin Williams earlier this year. Value Investing News will gather the fresh posts of some of my favorites such as George and Fat Pitch Financials, Geoff Gannon of Gannon on Investing, and Steven of ValueBlogReview all of whom focus on news that may provide similar opportunities. Contrary to popular thinking, which is often an attribute of the great value investors, value investment ideas are exciting, are refreshing, and the notion of buying something for less than intrinsic value seems far more rational than those methods that rely on finding a greater fool upon whom to unload.

I encourage you to participate. The insights are worthwhile and entertaining. The constant innovation that George brings to the blogosphere should keep this site at the forefront of development. The world of active value bloggers should keep the site at the forefront of value thinking.


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