Thursday, November 16, 2006 is a subscription based website run by Henry To, a fellow CFA and his friend Rex Hui. It has been operating as a subscription based service for just over a year. Henry recently asked me if I would participate as a guest commentator for his service. I have agreed to do so.

Having looked at Henry’s commentary, I can recommend it highly to you. MarketThoughts provides insightful analysis of capital markets as well as asset allocation issues. Sentiment, liquidity, and valuation are the major factors that go into the analysis. Commentary is concise, articulate, and well-presented. A Dow Jones Index timing model is provided as well. Currently, they are 100% long this market.

Individual stock highlights are provided by Bill and as of now, by yours truly. Since the intent is to provide such selection on a monthly basis, this will not interfere with my attention to Value Discipline and my loyal readers. As always, the purpose is to entertain and to educate and not to provide investment advice. If you are looking for portfolio management, I cannot do so without knowing your objectives and circumstances. If you wish to be an investment management client, please feel free to contact me.

Henry and Rex offer a free one month trial to their website. No obligation, no pressure. If the thought of a subscription worries you, their site is available on a three week delayed basis to the “free-riders.” I urge you to try it out.


At 9:58 AM, Blogger NO DooDahs said...

Thanks for the link love to me and to MarketThoughts!

Likewise, I always like to see what you have to say and take your opinion of individual stocks seriously. Best!


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