Monday, May 29, 2006

A Few New Links

Regular readers (and I do appreciate your coming back!) will notice a few new links that I have added. I enjoy roaming blogland and do appreciate the insight that in demonstrated by the authors of these blogs!

The Confused Capitalist is written by Jay Walker in beautiful British Columbia. Far from confused, Jay has authored an investing text for "everyman" entitled The Brink's Truck Burst Open on Wall Street. His perspective is refreshing and different. Jay views Value Discipline as being updated perhaps not as regularly as others. Maybe he thinks I am some kind of slacker. In any event, he writes in a very straightforward way...and regularly!

Dah Hui Lau
known as David has begun to fill in Shai Dardashti's former role as the top chronicler of Berkshire Hathaway news now that Shai has dedicated his full time to building his investment partnership. David has written some insightful and well organized analysis recently regarding Dell. David is a physician in the U.K. and has dispelled the stereotype that physicians can't invest! David certainly can and I suspect that he may follow his dream to be a super-investor! In my view, the only way to get there is through value investing, to which he dedicates himself. David believes that the way to knowledge is through sharing. That is precisely why I blog and that's how all of us can learn. David is just much better at sharing than I am.

is written by Kevin. Kevin started this blog in February and I have only recently become aware of it. Kevin has written some excellent fundamentally strong reviews of activist newsworthy companies. Infrequent posts are so because of a desire to publish only in stocks in which he feels he has an edge. Kevin appears to have a great understanding of the supremacy and utility of cash flow from operations rather than earnings. Makes a lot of sense to me. Plus his breadth of coverage incorporates companies such as WalMart as well as International Speedway. A worthwhile read in my opinion.

If you have suggestions as to other fundamental blogs that you find helpful, please let me know. Again, thank you for your continued interest and readership!


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