Friday, April 27, 2007

Making Sense of Deborah's World

Deborah is a teacher on call out in the unbelievably beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia. Education, she claims, is her primary calling.

However, she has an excellent blog called, "Making Sense of My World" a very thoughtful and fundamentally based view of mining stocks.

Many blogs which espouse mining stocks tend to be written by inflationistas or crazies who view every upward jiggle in the yellow metal as portending the death spiral of the US dollar. Having no trust whatsoever in paper currency, their blogs tend to be rantings about Argentine and German inflationary experiences. Every financial crisis takes on epic proportions as a struggle between good and evil. Deborah avoids these histrionics.

Instead, she provides level-headed, soundly reasoned analysis of mining stocks. I value her analysis and recommend it to you!

Please find her link in the right hand column.


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